This is a chronicle of my new new plan.

I intend to hold myself accountable, semi-publicly, as I make some serious life changes.

I had been on a successful path to lose 45 pounds, which got a bit derailed when I broke my foot. My hour a day of exercise, six days per week, went completely out the window and I regained 10 pounds of the 25 I’d lost.

It’s been a few months now and my foot is not yet 100%, but it’s still time to get back out. Over the last week, I had been gradually walking more during my vacation, so I think I am mostly ready.

My lowest weight was 148.4 on October 8th. A couple of days before that, I wrote in my journal:

Since the break-up and my broken foot, my weight over the past two weeks has been bouncing between 148 to 150.6

I’ve been eating weirdly, on and off the diet, and drinking a glass of wine at least 4 days a week. I’ve also been drinking kefir, since it’s been easier to make smoothies than cook, though I’ve been cooking a half burger and spinach every night. I had cookies with A on Friday.

I suppose among Thanksgiving, Christmas, vacations, and holiday parties, I added an extra 5-7 pounds, which is terribly disappointing, but not exactly unexpected.

Starting weight: 157.2.

Goal weight: 125.

Pounds to go: 32.2.