I have spent the day talking to friends — telling them I love them, that I am doing well and I am happy, and that I hope that the next year brings them happiness. (I was a bit more eloquent on the phone, and a bit less eloquent on voicemail — sorry, E.)

One of them is having some relationship issues so I was giving him advice and counsel and reminding him of my willingness to take a stand with respect to issues in his life and how sad those times have been.  (I and another of his best friends told him we would not stand up for him if he married his now-ex-wife.  We all talked about it and it was very sad, but we could not support the marriage at that time.  They broke-up (not because of us), reconciled, and married a couple of years later.  We were both in the wedding because she seemed to have matured and improved.  Oops.)  He appreciated how much I care, but it truly upset me to have to talk about some bad things from his past relationships, when he appears to be diving headlong into another situation that will end in him paying a lot of money to some other woman.

Now, I am feeling a bit mopey. I had to run out to drop off the ex’s movies at blockbuster, so I ran to Central Market to pick up two of my favorite black teas (Rishi’s Earl Grey and Keemun Hao Ya [couldn’t find Golden Yunnan]) to truly start 2008 right.

What a mistake!

It was absolutely cheek by jowl, with people doing their last minute party and brunch shopping. I felt a bit like a loser with my 3 bags of loose tea, emmental, and egg beaters when the rest of the world was getting ready to party.

Because the weather is beautiful (65º with bright blue skies), I have all of the windows open and I can hear the neighbors getting ready for their parties. If I really wanted to, I could call JF and E and tag along with them tonight, but I am not in the mood to be social. I am having a bad foot day, and I just want to stay home and relax.


As time passes (and I remembered to eat), I am feeling much better.  It’s sad not waiting to welcome home the ex or preparing for our traditional amazing brunch and football New Year’s Day.  Still, I know that this is a time of transition, and by this time next year, I will feel completely differently.