I have been so freaking busy for the past three days.

BP announced that we’re wrapping up all loose ends this month before he goes overseas. I am wondering if I am going; he was noncommittal.

Now that I am mostly healed, I want to start traveling again. Being on the road is wonderful, actually. I like the international bit, too, especially wandering around a foreign land with an actual purpose.

My being there would be extremely expensive — traveling to two continents and all — but if it’s possible, I’d really love to go. I think the airfare alone is close to $3k each, even purchasing a month out. Still, I’ve never been either place and to go on business . . . well, it’s extremely cool.

I fear I will be left behind to manage the project while he’s gone. That would be logical actually, since it’s my job. Still, I’d love to go . . .