I am very good at my job, but my job is somewhat ridiculous.

Basically, I convince people to do stuff they want to do, but I help them feel better about it.  They look at me and my partner and think, well, they think it’s a good idea, let’s do it.  Wild oversimplification, of course.

Today was a good day:  I got exactly what I wanted from this negotiation all day long.  We did brilliantly, truly, in looking fabulous and knowledgeable (which we are).

I had one misstep for which I am still kicking my own ass.

At one point, one set had privately pulled me into a conversation and asked a bit about my experience.  Throughout, we’d spoken openly about having personal and professional experience in the subject matter.  BP is very seemingly open about his life and history.  I am relatively closed, which means I get asked plenty of direct questions.  They asked me directly about my knowledge and experience regarding one particular subject.  I mentioned that I had repped people who do it, and then I stepped in it.  I went on to mention a prior personal relationship with someone who was involved in that profession, so I knew not only him but others as a result.


I mean, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just that it’s a very cool thing and it shifts a bit my elegant demeanor.  Still I took it back to the professional realm immediately, reiterated everything from a professional standpoint.

I thought I had mostly covered, until hours later when the youngest person, said, “yeah, and you dated someone who . . .”


Yeah, I did, but that’s not how I wanted to be known.

I have dated people in all of the fields in which I work.  Mostly, I work in those fields because I had dated them, not vice versa.  It’s like, if you knew I worked in sports, and then found out I dated a professional football player, you might not think of me as being as professional as you thought just moments before.

So, there’s that.