Big luncheon today: they placed pecan pie with a crushed pecan topping served with whipped cream at each place before the lunch started. Nothing like one of my all time favorite desserts staring me in the face for 90 minutes. And yet, absolutely no interest whatsoever. I love low carb living because any cravings for sugar are completely gone.

I had to work late tonight, thanks to BP. Hopefully it will result in some cash in my pocket shortly, though I am not holding my breath.

In general, I feel really good. I am getting more sociable again, where it no longer feels like I have to fake my socialite duties. I looked great today and received a ton of compliments. (Little do they know I still have 20 pounds to go . . .) Across the board, my confidence is up.

Today’s downside, I feel as though I have not had enough to drink by a longshot. Too much running around, I suppose. I could drag my lazy ass off the sofa and remedy the situation — but I am feeling lazy.  I calculated I have had about 64 ounces of water, which just doesn’t feel like enough.  I will try to drink another 16 oz or so before bed.

Breakfast: Spinach Swiss Lorraine Crustless Quiche: 153 cal/2.4 carb.

Lunch: 6 oz Salmon fillet 350 cal/0 carb, 2 tbs balsamic vinaigrette 90 cal/2 carb.  Salad greens, 8 cal, 1.79 carbs.  Total: 448 cal/3.79 carb.  Calorie count may be higher depending on how they cooked the fish, but it feels right.

Snack: Sunflower seeds: 51 cal/.74 carb.

Dinner: Spinach Swiss Lorraine Crustless Quiche: 153 cal/2.4 carb.

Snack: swiss lorraine, 110 cal.