I awoke refreshed for the first time all week and I feel great. It’s such a slow day. The phone did not ring until 7 pm. I postponed nearly everything since I was supposed to be in New Orleans already this week. Tomorrow, I am off — I think. Saturday morning at the latest.

The good news — I can wear separates for the presentation. BP said, “I am wearing slacks and a sweater — I am not wearing a suit to meet with these m*****f*****s.”  Yay! Separates! I can definitely cobble together some outfit that will fit and look reasonably chic.

I upped my calories today, since I worked out harder and longer than normal. Also, this is my target intake and I upped my protein. We’ll see what happens.
Weight Loss — 0.0

Still no loss, but I look better and I swear I can see some leg and arm muscles and the faintest outline of an abdominal muscle. Really, it’s there.

Food Intake — 991.875 cal — 17.828 carb

Breakfast: Mushroom and Emmental Crustless Quiche, 135.25 calories, 3.21 carb.

Lunch: 2.9 ounces of turkey breast (100 cal). .6 oz feta (42 cal). 1/2 tbs sesame oil (60 cal). .5 tsp balsamic vinaigrette (3 cal/0.833 carb). 205/.833 carb)Snack: 1 tbs sunflower seeds. 51 cal/.74 carb.

Snack: .7 ounce of emmental. 70 calories.

Snack: 1 tbs sunflower seeds. 51 cal/.74 carb.

Dinner: Turkey and Miso Soup: 4.3 ounces of turkey breast. 1.9 oz onion, 1 tbs low sodium soy sauce, 1 tbs yellow miso, 1 cup free range, low sodium chicken broth. 1 tbs 1 tsp sesame oil. 412 cal/10.7 carb. I decided to spoil myself by making my new favorite comfort food. It was so warm, rich, and satisfying. It’s also pretty high in sodium, though I reduced the chicken broth to one cup instead of two.

This will probably push my weight up, but that’s okay. It was a delicious meal.

Snack: Mushroom and Emmental Crustless Quiche, 67.625 calories, 1.605 carb.

Exercise — Aerobics — 60 minutes (35 min with readings — 161 ahr — 341 cal)

That felt amazing. I upped the intensity for the first time since I had my out of zone experience last week and I feel great. I had bad readings through the first 25 minutes (but the ahr appeared to be about 150 — bouncing between 148 and 158 and then 00), so I restarted:

  • 35:04
  • 07:52 in zone
  • 161 ahr
  • 172 mhr
  • 341 cal

Beverages — 112 ounces

16 ounces of ti kuan yin (caffeinated). 16 ounces of ti kuan yin (decaffeinated). 80 ounces water.


1 fish oil supplement. 1 packet of emergen-c.