Over the last few years, BP and I have traveled frequently together for business. He’s a good friend, he is interesting, and he enjoys exploring, wandering, and side-trips.

Our business trips almost always include a day or two of adventuring for no good reason except that we need space to think. I am pretty much up for anything — a trip to visit your alma mater: sweet! driving to Toronto because it’s there: sounds cool to me! Driving for an hour to find a restaurant you ate in once and remember fondly: let’s go!

When we are together, it’s really easy.

It gets a little more complicated when other people are with us. Apparently, some people prefer itineraries and glitch when we don’t stick to the plan.

We came back early because of the people we were with — an old friend of BP and the friend’s daughter, who is in her mid 20s.

They were just horrible traveling companions: whiny, annoying, opinionated. They hated everything. They only wanted to eat at chain restaurants. They wanted to leave early and whined incessantly about it. Everything was difficult. How can you be in New Orleans and not enjoy yourself? How can you be there and whine?

We did not have a car in NO, so we came back early with them. BP drove, while the friend sat in the front seat and slept the whole time — exactly the opposite of a co-pilot’s job. Though we stopped frequently, he refused to surrender the seat, so I had to lean forward uncomfortably to keep BP talking and alert. Awful.

==> BP just called. The people with whom we had our business meeting just called to say, hey, we loved it, let’s get together today to follow-up. Thanks to our sucky travel companions, we’re already back.