My temperature is up a bit and I am cranky, cranky, cranky, cranky.

I saw A for lunch. He mentioned he had to sign his new 6 month lease. I didn’t realize he’d been moved out for almost 6 months. It’s okay though. I still love him, but it’s different since my breakthrough last week (and probably before).

Money is tight. I have to get my hair cut/colored, brows waxed, pay some bills, buy food, and fly to New York for a family party in 2 or 3 weeks.

If I asked BP, I am sure he would take care of it all, but I hate hate hate that. I still have a bit of pride when it comes to my personal expenses, since he pays everything else.

I am trying to turn the NY trip into a business trip with BP, so he will pay the airfare — we have lots of meetings in NY in March and an office there, so it is a natural. Frankly, he would pay the airfare if I asked for a purely personal trip, as he did when I took mom to NY for her birthday. He paid for everything and slipped me a grand in spending money.

I have 3 potential paying clients lined up over the next 10 days, only one of which is a virtual guarantee. We’ll see how it goes.

Things might be falling into place on our deal and it could be funded in the next 60 days, which means I could pay all my bills, float A cash for school so he could stop working crappy part-time jobs (seriously, I owe him), pay off my family loan, buy new clothes, redecorate the condo, retire. Okay, maybe not the last one.

Weight Loss — 0.2

I wonder if my weight issues are not solely attributable to pms. My uptick also happened at the same time I started exercising all the time. I am not lifting weights, but I am sure I am building muscle even doing step aerobics or hiking. I can tell as I look at my body that things are changing. I just wish I were losing more. I have clothes to buy!

I am obsessive, I know. I might be getting legitimately heavier and fatter, though I find that very hard to believe given what and how I am eating and exercising. After I get my period at some point (argh), I may reevaluate the plan, but not until.

More obsession — tomorrow is the day I do my full “weekly weigh in,” body fat analysis, and goal date. Two weeks ago, I was irritated only losing .8 pounds. Last week, I gained .4 pounds. This week, I am up over last week by almost 3 pounds, so I know I will be super irritated. Eh, what can I do? I am doing exactly what I should and I am feeling very healthy, if a bit bloated and constipated.

Food Intake — 974.5 cal — 18.97 carb

I am doing so much better with my food intake. I upped my calories by about 150 – 200 per day.

Breakfast: Turkey Bacon Swiss Lorraine Quiche, 236 cal/4 carb.

Lunch: Turkey Bacon Swiss Lorraine Quiche, 236 cal/4 carb.

Snack: 1 tbs sunflower seeds, 51 cal/.74 carb.

Snack: 1 tbs sunflower seeds, 51 cal/.74 carb.

Dinner: 3 oz ground sirloin 150 cal. Salad: 2.5 oz raw spinach 16 cal/1 carb, .5 oz feta 35 calories, .3 oz onion 4 cal/.9 carb. Vinaigrette: .5 tbs canola oil, .5 tsp apple cider vinegar, .25 tsp dijon mustard. 63 cal/.2 carb. Total: 268 calories/2.1 carb.

This was an excellent meal. Perfect on calories. Perfect on carbs. I will definitely make this again with other proteins. I could have upped the dressing a bit and it would have been fine on calories. Doubling would have been too much.

Dessert: 1/2 cup plain lowfat kefir (60 cal/4.5 carb) with 1/4 tsp cinnamon (1.5 cal/.15 carb). Total: 61.5 cal/4.65 carb.

Okay, I know I should not have counted the calories in the cinnamon, but I was curious because this little snack was so perfect. According to Perricone, Cinnamon is supposed to be a superfood, so I thought adding it to the plain kefir would help it taste better while giving me a little boost.

Snack: 1 tbs sunflower seeds, 51 cal/.74 carb.

Metamucil: 20 cal/2 carb.

Exercise — Step Aerobics — 45:01 min — 129 ahr — 301 cal

It’s getting harder to get my heart rate up. I am either fitter or I need to replace my polar heart rate monitor. The monitor appears to be recording okay since I worked out my strap issues.

  • 45:04
  • 40:27 in zone
  • 129 ahr
  • 143 mhr
  • 301 cal

Beverages — 112 ounces

16 oz golden yunnan. 96 ounces of water.


1 fish oil capsule.