I received interesting career advice from E on Friday, who, in addition to being one of my best friends, is a big-time partner at my former firm. (We started within a few months of each other, and he’s been kicking ass and taking names since we started.)

His advice is: bail now, go to a firm, sacrifice the big payday for security. I would have to give up a (large) portion of my negotiated fee to the firm, but I would receive a salary/draw and stability.

I have been mulling it since we spoke, and I have to acknowledge that it is intriguing.

The upside: money, prestige, a real staff, a foundation from which to aggressively build my business.

The downside: I am afraid.  I wonder if I am capable of building my business.  I wonder if it will be better to return to a life I abhorred, but then I also wonder how much of my hatred was based on my youth and circumstance (alcoholic boss, conniving staff).  I was recruited to a better job for more money, which made my leaving firm life easy.

I am listing my skills and experiences to see if there is anything there.  Well, to see where I might best fit.  It’s clear I have to make a change.  I just need to figure out to what.

When I look back over the last few months, I am proud of the work that I have done, but I know I have not really been in control of my calendar or my business.  This year has been all about reasserting control over my life, so there is no reason why that should not extend to the financial security realm.