I can be a bit of a spendthrift, especially when it comes to “personal care.”  My hair costs me between $170-200 every time I get it done.  I get my brows waxed.  I wear ridiculously expensive Vincent Longo makeup.

Still, I was shocked when I went to the well-stocked beauty store to pick up my shampoo and realized the pureology shampoo I have used for years costs $26 for the small bottle.  $26?  Am I insane?  I picked up another bottle of product I have had for a while and the normal sized bottle was $56.  I have a small bottle, but I probably dropped over $25 for that, too.

I am not that crazy about the shampoo.  It’s vegan and organic and made by wee fairies, but it’s not that great.

I had been using Aveda crap for the last year.  Again, shampoo made by wee fairies.  Again, shampoo I am not crazy about.

The new hairdresser suggested bumble & bumble’s ultra hydrating something or other, but I forgot to buy it when I was there and they don’t have it at the beauty store.  They do have many of the spendy shampoos I have used over the years: Phytologie’s Phytojoba, in the terrifying glass bottle; ArtTec; even old school Joico.  I have used other ridiculous shampoos over the years, but apparently they don’t stock them.

They did have my favorite shampoo of all time: Sebastian’s Laminates.  It’s the best.  It gives my hair shine.  It’s color-safe.  I haven’t used it in a while, but I have always loved it.  Even better: it’s cheap.  Like $11/bottle.  Plus, you can buy it anywhere.