Lazy-ish day: I am sitting on the sofa watching Top Gear, when I should be showering to get ready for the deal tonight at C’s house. I am irritated about the party and I am tempted to skip it. This is why: allegedly, we are gathering together to watch the Final Four. We will also be grilling and hanging with his new girlfriend. I said allegedly because the party is set to start in the middle of the first game. I contacted him this morning to mention that. He confirmed, yes, middle of the game. Normally, you’d think, okay, I will just drive over at halftime. But C lives about 25 minutes from me, so I will miss some of the game.

I had an amusing talk with the agent, who is trying to book me into something in Europe with another one of his clients. He’s excited and it could be cool. Six months ago, I would have told him no way. I would not have been ready to climb back in. But, now, I feel really good and I am ready to tackle the world.

Overall, the barbecue was fun.  There were three couples and two singles (me and R).  The amusing thing I realized as I drove home with W and his current girl is that for years and years and years, R and I have been in serious relationships.  Now, we’re the singletons.  Weird.

My weight is up.  I can tell from my desire to eat everything that I should get my period at some freaking point.  It’s unbelievable that I still have pms.  Aside from breast pain and unending need to eat, everything is cool.


1/2 oz onion, 1/2 oz feta, 1/2 oz spring mix, 1/2 cup egg beaters, 1 tsp olive oil.

Snacks: 2 tbs almonds.

3 oz ground beef, 5/8 oz onion, 1 oz emmental, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp sherry, 1.25 oz bella mushrooms.

Snacks: 2 tbs almonds.

Snacks: 2 tbs cashews.

2 oz ground turkey breast.  2 oz ground turkey thighs.  .5 oz feta.  Amazing dish.  I grilled it at C’s house and it was amazing.

Later I had a bratwurst and part of a sausage.  My protein and fats were high, but my carbs were nonexistent.  I had one glass of white wine, and drank a ton of water. Overall, I feel great.


16 oz Ceylon Thotulagala.

16 oz Formosa Jade Oolong