I am back to the weight I was two weeks ago at Week 13, but I have lost over a pound of body fat since then.

I look skinnier; at times, I look actually skinny.  I feel good.  

I have been losing weight steadily all week, and this morning, I think I my weight ticked up a bit because I ate kalamata olives late last night as a snack.  My body fat was down significantly, so I am fairly certain that’s the case.

My progress has slowed considerably, but I had thought that was a result of pms.  We shall see what happens.

I have 10.6 pounds left.

At 2.0 pounds per week, I would reach my goal: May 15.

At 1.5 pounds per week, I would reach my goal: May 29.

At 1.0 pound per week, I would reach my goal: June 19.