I have spent the day on the sofa.  I am having a terrible period.  I did clean the kitchen and cooked a wonderful dinner for myself — grass-fed ground beef pattie with a greek salad.  I make the best salads ever.

A came over this morning.  He could not reply back to my text messages for help sorting out a password situation, so he just drove over.  It’s nice having him still close by.  Once he graduates, he wants to move into an apartment within half a block.  It will make it easier on me when I have to go check on his cats — the ones he does not yet have — when he’s on crazy shifts.

(With the help of our great neighbor, I was able to get everything sorted out.)

I spoke to my mother for the first time this week.  She had finally figured out I had not called her all week.  I’d sent email, im, and texts, but it only recently occurred to her that something was wrong.  

Tonight, she went to an Irish Pub with some old family friends.  Towards the end, the band performed The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York, which my mother announced as my favorite Christmas song.  Thanks, Mom!  Of course, she is right.  I love that song.  She said the whole audience sang along.  She also got hit on by a handsome bandmember.  Of course.

Mom does not want me to quit my current job, though she understands why I need to do something else.  Interesting talk.

Weight Gain — .6 pound

My weight is up.  I got my period late last night, so who knows what my weight will be for the next few days.

Food intake:

2 oz chorizo, 2 oz: 141.75 cal, 2 oz spring mix 10 cal/1 carb, .5 oz feta 40 cal.  Total: 191.75/1 carb. 

2.5 ounces of almonds.  422.5 cal, 5.5 carb.

2.5 oz 96% beef patty.  greek salad with 3 oz spring mix, .625 oz feta, 4 kalamata olives, .125 oz minced shallot, 224 cal, Light vinaigrette, 122/0 carb.  Total: 346/4 carb.