I saw X today for the first time since he fired me six months ago.  He did not see me.  I did not greet him, and I cannot imagine what his response would have been had I done so.

I was prepared  because I saw his car before I saw him.  We were both at what had been “our spot.”  He was outside, and we were seated inside.

I felt pretty uncomfortable about the whole thing.  It’s hard to believe someone who had been so close to me is just out of my life.  He still lives down the street from me.  We still go to many of the same spots.  

We do not run in the same circles anymore, with one lone intersection.  I have been avoiding that activity because I do not care to run into him.  It means I have also been avoiding one of my dear friends, but that’s okay.  My friend knows where to find me.  I introduced him to X and encouraged their business relationship, so it’s really my damned fault.

At some point, seeing him will be unavoidable.  I know that.  I will be nice to him because I am a nice person — mostly.  

The hard part is that I still miss him and I am still sad that he’s a fucking idiot.