Today was filled with meetings: BP, the agent, etc.  They all went on so long, I actually missed a meeting although we did not have a confirmed time.

BP is recovering, but he’s not well.  We had a good meeting and I am interested to see what develops.

He reminded me that the big annual show is coming up in a couple of weeks.  For the first time, I may be attending it. If I go, it will be rough on the diet.  I hope that our local business associate will have more to think about than ordering my meals and wine and insisting on multi-course wine-fueled bacchanals for lunch and dinner.   (You cannot turn down a meal from the owner of the restaurant.  I once ordered salmon at an Italian place he owned.  This was years ago and I still have to hear about it.  Plus, he owns lots of restaurants, so it is not like I can avoid eating in one of them.  He makes the rounds of all of them and comes over to the table — if he is not already with us — and begins ordering more and more and more.)  

Seriously, every trip I gain 5 pounds.  It’s insane.  That’s with my insistence that we walk everywhere within about a 3 mile radius.  This will be my first time there in over a year, so it will be my first time since I have been low carbing.  Perhaps I will be able to resist and decline without causing offense.  

I showed BP a copy of my resume that I had prepared for my agent and my job search. It had not been my intention, but we were outlining something and I had the list in my new functional resume.  He kept trying to take the resume, but I kept taking it back from him.  The man does not need my resume.  He just needs to pay my damn bills.  $@#^@%$$!  He was not mad about the resume, but he did tell me that I did not need it.  Blah, blah, blah.

Still, I felt amazing all day long.  It was a great day.  

I started running errands early and everything went my way.  E’s bank did not charge me $5 for cashing the check there (I needed to deposit the cash).  I was flirted with by random men.  I was in the same physical space as X and did not have to interact with him at all.  I may have found a spot for BP to lease or buy to create the stupid night club he wants to put here.  I assembled a very chic outfit from bullshit in my closet.  Heck, even A stopped by between my errands and my meetings, and it’s always great to see him.  

Best of all, I saw two new ads my brother did for a new campaign and I laughed aloud at each.  I am very, very proud.

I should have bought lottery tickets or something. 

Weight Gain — 0.6 pounds

My weight it up today and it will be up again tomorrow.  It’s eating damn restaurant food.  My body fat is down.  

Food Intake — Yikes.

Yikes.  I have no idea.  I had a steak salad at the salad place downtown (balsamic vinaigrette and steak with corn and black beans — didn’t eat the whole thing by any stretch of the imagination).  I had 3 oz of pork ribs and at least 4 oz of beef brisket at the barbecue spot.  I had a wee bit of barbecue sauce because I love it and a sip of beer.  

For breakfast, I ate um, almonds.  Really.  Post-errands and pre-meetings, I had about 1/4 cup of kefir and some grilled vegetables.  I need to do a better of job of eating, but I was not feeling 100% this morning.

The scale will be ugly tomorrow.  What can you do?  From time to time, I need to eat out.  I ate mostly on plan.  My carbs were still relatively low, although the barbecue sauce did not help, nor did the carbs and black beans.  Eh, live and learn.  I am guessing I will be up at least one more pound tomorrow.