Because I am now weeks away from hitting 125, I have been thinking a lot about what will happen after I hit my goal weight:

  1. Buy a few new things, especially casual clothes, new jeans, and some new workout garb.
  2. Exercise in earnest to get stronger and tighter.
  3. Continue to drop body fat.  I want to lose at least an additional 5% of body fat.
  4. Eat more vegetables.  Because I eat salads 2-3 meals a day, I feel as though I eat a lot of vegetables, but I will also incorporate more vegetables into each meal.  More broccoli, more peppers, more mushrooms.  Maybe even some legumes and hummus from time to time.  I will eat fruit.
  5. Drink wine.  I miss wine.  Since I love good food, the addition of a nice glass of wine can make a big difference in elevating a meal.  I have a wine secret I keep from my oenophile friends: Powers Cab.  Box wine, baby!  It’s actually good and you can have a single glass for 3 or 4 weeks without any degradation.  I have not done much experimentation with box wines, but I only considered them when the Austin Chronicle did a big tasting with local wine gurus and found some quality wines that beat some $20/bottle wines.
  6. Reconsider the goal weight.  I am being honest.  My weight when I was at my “best” was 118.  Now, I was a soft, unfit and relatively unhealthy 118 (don’t even get me started on 113 — those 5 pounds made a big difference in how I looked and felt — both were bad), so I may have my 118 body at 125.
  7. Keep on track.  Hitting the goal weight does not mean I will start eating cookies or pizza again.  I may start having my evening mini-smoothie with kefir and blueberries and almonds.  I am going to keep monitoring my weight every day and monitoring my food intake.  I fear hidden calories, so the food scale will stay as well.  I need to know what I am eating and how it is affecting me.
  8. Appreciate the accomplishment.  The big no cheating, no backsliding, keeping to freaking induction for months push has accelerated my ability to lose weight quickly.  This has been hard and it’s taken some lifestyle adjustment.  By holding myself to such a strict program, I think I beat my carb cravings forever.  It’s just gone.  I think I killed off the carb-loving intestinal floral.  I feel no compulsion to eat bread, cake, crackers, or anything else.  I have kept all of it around as a constant test and check.  Every day, I see them.  Every day, I am not even slightly interested.  I walk to the market every couple of days for almonds or peanuts.  They are right next to the cupcakes and cookies and junk food.  No temptation at all.

Though I am not yet there, I am beginning to see how close it truly is.  I have 8 pounds to go and I want to ensure that I do the right things to get there and to stay there.