Another occasion for the naked happy dance . . . another .8 down and 2.2 pounds in 2 days.

I am stunned.  I know this happens every cycle — my weight bounces around for 2-3 weeks and I feel bloated and awful.  Then, as things trail off, I drop a couple of pounds.  Still, every month, it’s a wonderful surprise.

Today, I wrote a list of things I will do after I reach my goal weight, which as of this morning is only 8 pounds away.

I watched the Pope on tv, for the second day in a row.  Very moving stuff.  Of course, watching the Pope on tv delayed my leaving for my 6 pm meeting.  I called ahead, and still arrived after 630. Oops.  

Most of the difficulty in leaving: I could not figure out what to wear.  Seriously.  Everything is too big or not right.  I finally ended up with a perfect Spring outfit: a black pencil skirt, black tights (did not shave my legs), fab shoes, a lavender french-cuffed fitted cotton shirt with a chevron pattern, a black sweater that is cut like a blazer, and a silver belt.  The shoes are ridiculous and very high.  Normally, I toss ballet flats into my bag so I do not have to walk more than half a block in heels.  

Well, I was late and I did not feel like grabbing a felt shoe bag, so I skipped the flats.  Of course, that meant I ended up walking 4 blocks up and down hills to get there.  After the meeting, I ended up with extremely sore feet and still had to walk back 4 blocks, now in the dark.  Yay.  I also had to run to the grocery store since I was out of well everything.  I managed to make it through Whole Foods in my sexy secretary ensemble and ridiculous shoes without falling.  Since it was after 9, I looked even more ridiculous than usual.

I also looked skinny.  I mean, I know I am not yet skinny, but I looked skinny.  That old self-confidence is back in full effect.  It’s the clothes and the attitude that’s turning heads, but I am getting that I can appeal to someone I would find appealing.  

Breakfast:  Nuts!  I am out of eggs and chorizo and I am lazy.

Lunch: late, late, late (like I did not eat until 230) and while on a conference call:  3 oz turkey breast grilled. 2 oz spring mix. 1 tbs apple cider vinaigrette. .5 oz feta.  I love my salads.

Dinner: feta, onion and bitter greens frittata.  I wanted something really light for dinner.  I did not buy egg beaters since I was at whole foods and they are 2x as much.  Instead, I bought a dozen cage-free organic brown eggs for $2.29.  Tonight, I used two whole eggs, but for breakfast, I think I will do 1 egg + 1 egg white.  I may add heavy cream just to smooth them out.  It will be an experiment.  It’s also a significant increase in my calories, but I am okay with that.

Snack: Nuts!