My brother is one of the coolest people I have ever met.    

He flies around the country working on stuff with established and up-and-coming new artists.  Often, he’ll call and say “yeah, I am in LA/Miami/New Orleans” and name someone who is at the top of the Hot 100.  He never knows who they are.  Ever.  

I have to always tell him, um, hey, he has been #1 on the rap/hip-hop chart for like 5 weeks.  He does not care.  I tell him, yeah, they have a ton of great buzz.  He does not care.  All he knows is in three days, he will hate them very much.  (Except Alicia Keys. He said working with her was the best job he ever had.)

He admitted at Christmas that he was now about a year behind on everything.  His live-in girlfriend works for a media conglomerate, in addition to being a NY hipster, so she and I often speak of bands we like who are not yet cresting the indie wave (yet one more way I am completely insufferable).  My brother, however, is behind.  Like seriously behind.  It’s okay.  He’s the one who turned me on to the Detroit Cobras a couple of years ago, and he has good taste.  One band the three of us still love: Kaiser Chiefs.  

At Christmas, he was walking around humming Young Folks, which we indie snobs had loved and discarded 8 months before.  It’s an infectious song, and as I wandered around the kitchen today in between my long, irritating conference calls, all I had going through my head was Young Folks.

  • It’s now late and my brother just called me from the airport.  He and his girlfriend are flying to Asia for a nearly month-long vacation.  They are flying from JFK to Alaska and then on to Asia.  We are a very close family, so we’re planning to videoconference while he is gone.  That will enable him to see his dog, who is living with grandma until they get back in mid-May.  Since he lives on the LES, I told him that at least he will not be going through culture shock upon landing.