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I have lost 2.6 pounds this week, but only .4044 pounds of body fat.  My period is now basically over.

My weight stayed stable from yesterday today, but I dropped significant body fat and the trend has been down.  Given the trends, I think last week’s body fat reading was anomalous.  

A couple of weeks ago, I expressed some concern that each pound was going to be very difficult since I am already at a healthy weight for my body.  So far, everything is still going in the right direction and I have only 8 pounds left.

I have 8 pounds to go. I could hit my goal:

  • @ 2.0 pounds per week — on May 8
  • @ 1.5 pounds per week — on May 15
  • @ 1.0 pound per week — on June 5

It’s getting closer and closer.  My average weight loss is 1.42 pounds per week.  I typically have 2-3 big drops, followed by pms-related small gains or small losses.  Given that, I think I will hit the goal around memorial day.