A is having a disastrous time.  He just got horrendously bad news that means he may not be able to work in his chosen field because he has too many points on his license or something.  He was not giving up information.  He said it has something to do with our poverty last year that so many points accumulated, but I do not exactly understand that.  

Tomorrow is his birthday.  He does not want to celebrate it.  He is depressed and dark and it’s really, really bad.  He said he’s trying to find reasons to not kill himself.  He means it.  It’s so bad I offered the condo to be his alone anytime he needs a place to just unwind and decompress.

We have a birthday tradition over the many years we have been together, but he refuses to accept it.  Earlier this week, he was all up for being completely spoiled with an array of mini cakes and pot de creme.  Now, he wants nothing.  No recognition at all.