This morning, I weighed myself, saw that I dropped another .6 pound, and walked naked to the closet for new stuff to try on.  

New additions to the rotation: a linen skirt that falls above the knee (AT, size 4) and a really cute skirt I used to wear to shows because it imperceptibly has a shorts liner (BR, size 6), so I can sit anywhere without concern. 

I think I am just a few pounds away from being skinny.  A says I am officially “slender.”  I wore the size 4 jeans I rediscovered and he was impressed.

As I lose weight, my mother is thrilled, but it’s putting pressure on her.  She’s already a 4.  She’s beautiful.  She’s an exercise maven.  I could say I do not get it, but I absolutely do.  Comparing myself to my gorgeous, skinny mother on whom everything looks good was hard for me for years.  I do not know what she weighs.  She’s an inch and a half shorter than I (though she thinks she’s taller).  She has actual muscles.  I might be lighter than she right now, though I doubt it.  Still, I know that it’s hard when all of us have this competitive thing about weight and size.

The more weight I lose, the harder it is to eat.  That’s exactly the wrong attitude because the more I eat, the more I lose.  It’s a battle, though.  I am so anxious about derailing my progress, but I am beginning to eat more.  I feel really, really good.

Weight Loss

I am down 0.6 pounds from yesterday.  I am very happy.  

Food Intake  — 1,020 cal — 11.4 carb

I went out with the guys tonight.  It was an odd night.  I got home after 2 am.  We walked around for about 4 hours and my poor feet are blistered and aching.  I drank wine.  I ate a “ranch hand” breakfast taco, sans tortilla at about 215 am.

Frittata: 5/8 oz onion (7 cal/2 carb), .5 oz aged feta (40 cal), .5 oz spring mix (3 cal/1 carb), 1 egg (70 cal/1 carb), 1 egg white (16 cal/.2 carb), 1 tsp olive oil (40 cal).  Total: 176 cal/4.2 carb.  Yum!

.25 almonds.  41 cal/.6 carb.

.25 almonds.  41 cal/.6 carb.

2 oz turkey breast. .625 oz swiss cheese.  126 calories.

.25 almonds.  41 cal/.6 carb.

.625 oz swiss cheese.  62 cal.

6 oz chardonnay. (141 cal/4.6 carb)

3 oz ground beef. .25 oz mozzerella.  (181 cal/0 carb).

2 eggs, 1 oz steak, .5 oz cheese. (211 cal/0.8 carb)


16 oz golden yunnan.