You would think I would be upset because I gained .6 of a pound from yesterday by drinking a glass and a half of Conundrum. You would be wrong.

Okay, so the weight is up. That is the least of my problems. My feet are damaged from last night’s evening walking across town in my fab, but infrequently worn, gladiator wedges. The most of my problems: I, um, ran out of gas last night, after bidding my friends adieu. Then, I had to walk blocks to find them and spend an additional hour on my feet and walking up and down hills as they continued to bar hop.

Let me say that again: I ran out of gas. This is the deal: I almost never drive. Because I almost never drive, I rarely put a lot of money into my gas tank. I usually have a good idea, with the help of my tripometer, of how much gas I have and when I need to put more money into the tank. Except yesterday, I forgot that I had earlier taken a long drive to get the new dvr. And I parked on a hill.

Today was a sad, stressful day, trying to figure out how to get gas and get to my car. My car was about a 45 minute walk from my house mostly on the trail I use for exercise. My feet were wounded and killing me, so that was out. I called M, who said he’d take me after a game he had scheduled. That time came and went. Two more hours passed. The phone rang and it was W, who I immeditately knew had been volunteered. He came and picked me up, got gas, put it in my car, and then admonished me to immediately proceed to a gas station for more gas. I invited him to grab a drink with me back in my neighborhood.

We sat at my favorite cafe, on the patio, and watched the world pass by. I gave him updates on everything and he asked for my advice on a relationship matter. As he was getting ready to leave to get dressed for a gala, M called and met us. M and I hung for another hour or two.

The lesson: what was a horrible crappy day turned out pretty okay. I have my car. I enjoyed spending time with my friends. My meeting for this evening was postponed. Overall, actually a pretty great afternoon and evening.  My friends have decided that if my deal closes, I am sending them on vacation.  Many vacations.

I did not call or text A for his help.  He would have been here immediately.  I did not want to involve him because it was his birthday and because I did not want him to worry about me.  I spoke to M about A’s situation and he thinks we can get it sorted quickly and easily.  It’s nice to have friends in high places.

On the clothes front: my go-to skinny jeans from Christmas that looked so great on me — far too big to wear.  I cinched up the waist and they’re just ridiculous.  I had to wear jeans today because I had not shaved my legs.  Dammit.  Now I only have one pair of jeans, so I will be in skirts or dresses every day.

My size 6 AT long, tailored shorts that I bought for Paris years ago: fit flawlessly and look great.  They will be perfect with my brown leather wedges.  I have 2 pair of the shorts in different colors, but i can only find one so far.  Seven more pounds and I am going shopping for new shirts, t-shirts, and jeans.

My friends have asked what happens when I hit my target.  I told them not much will be changing, except I will drink alcohol from time to time.  They find my diet incomprehensible.  I just explained to them that it fits how my body works.  I do not know that I will ever eat starches or breads or pastas again. 

Weight Gain — 0.6 pounds

I drank wine; I gained weight. Still, I did not gain as much as I have before from a wee bit of imbibing. Also, restaurant food is notoriously salty, which probably did not help. Bottom line: I expect to keep losing.

Food Intake

Frittata: 5/8 oz onion, 1 egg, 1 egg white, 0.875 oz swiss cheese, 1 tsp olive oil. 220 cal/3.6 carb.

3 oz turkey burger, 107 cal, 1.5 oz spring mix, 7.5 cal/.75 carb, apple cider vinaigrette, 122 cal/0 carb. 236.5 cal/.75 carb.

.625 oz cheese. 68.75

.825 oz cheese, 96.25 cal.

3 oz turkey burger, 107 cal, .5 oz feta, 40 cal. 147 cal.

1 oz dry roasted cashews, 160 cal/ 8 carb.


48 oz water.  28 oz hibiscus mint tea.  76 oz.