I often take benadryl at night to help me sleep.  I have sensitive skin and I get very itchy with pms.  Also, it’s often hard to quiet my mind, so benadryl knocks me out and leaves little evidence the next morning.

Really, the only downside is I don’t dream and if I do dream, I don’t remember my dreams.  Since that’s an active way of working out problems and strategies, it’s a bit of a downside.

I am out of benadryl and I felt fine, so I skipped it.  All night and all morning, I had extremely vivid dreams.  It’s a good reminder that I need to lay off the benadryl when I can.

I had a relatively easy day.  I chatted with F for a while, which is a little unusual for a sunday.  I watched some hoops, caught up on some tv, and made a new quiche.  At one point this afternoon, I actually fell asleep for a moment while watching the game.

Oh, and I loaded Leopard onto my machine.  It went so smoothly, I was a little surprised.

A did not appear.  I did not expect him, but I hoped to see him to make sure he was feeling better.

Weight Loss — 0.4 pounds

Lost .4 pounds from yesterday’s alcohol-fueled gain.  I am still .2 from the low on Friday.  My body fat is lower today than Friday.

Food Intake

Omelet: 5/8 onion, 1/8 oz butter, 5/8 oz feta, 1 egg.  145 cal, 2.2 carb.

1/8 oz cashews.  20 cal, 1.2 carb.

6 g cashews.  34 calories, 2 carb.

1 oz cashews. 160 cal, 8 carb.

Onion and Swiss Crustless Quiche, 135 cal/3.4 carb.

2.25 ground turkey breast (68 cal), 1 3/8 oz ground turkey thighs (57 cal), 3 oz spring mix (15 cal/1.5 carb), 5/8 oz onion (7 cal/1.7 carb), apple cider vinaigrette 122 cal/0 carb.  Total: 269 cal/3.2 carb.

Onion and Swiss Crustless Quiche, 135 cal/3.4 carb.

This is the most carbs I have eaten in a long time.  Stupid cashews are double almonds and peanuts.  I also could have passed on the onion in the salad.  Ah, well.  I will just have to wait to see what diet damage, if any, this did.