I decided to make a new quiche tonight, but I was out of eggs.  I ran to Whole Foods, parked in the garage in my usual spot, and tried to speed shop to get home before the returns came in.  

While there, I walked past an acquaintance of mine P (the ex-girlfriend of a very close friend) who has a new-ish baby.  She did not see me, so I walked about 10 feet, thought better of it, and then turned around and greeted her, hugged her, talked to the baby (who is so adorable).  I bumped into her again in the cheese section.  It’s where you can always find me at Whole Foods — cheese or tea.

Everything went so smoothly.  I kept under budget.  I used self-check-out.  I was all set to be home before the returns came in.  I headed back downstairs to the garage, put the groceries inside, and turned the key.  Everything came on, but the car did not start.  Turned it again; silence.


Okay, so I have no cell phone with me, and no idea what to do.  I grabbed my groceries and figured I would go look for a pay phone.  Of course, I bumped into  P and baby again in the garage.  I started to walk away, and then asked if I could borrow her phone.  I called A.  No answer, of course.  I called back and left a voicemail telling him that I’d be calling him again from a different (pay phone number) so answer.

(He was in an exam.)

Though I cannot imagine what possessed me (other than the fresh eggs and raw poultry in my bag), but I asked P if she would mind giving me a ride home.  I do live ridiculously close to Whole Foods, but it was quite presumptuous for a mother and child.  She dropped me off, and I immediately called A, who said he was on his way to Whole Foods to pick me up.  When I told him I was here, he came by.  Finally.

When I told him what happened, he said “it’s your starter.”  I asked him how he knew that.  He said, yeah, I just know.  I called the store so they would not tow my car.  Then he said, you know, there might be something we can do to get it working.  

We went back to Whole Foods and he got a hammer out and started tapping on stuff underneath the hood.  I was mystified and mostly concerned that I did not accidently injure him.  Lo and behold, it worked.  I did kinda jumped up and down and hugged him and kissed his cheek.  

I drove straight home and the car will stay here until I can figure out what I want to do.

So my car died at Whole Foods, while I had no cell on me, and I still got home before my food went bad and got my car.  All in all, this was as good an outcome as I could hoped for.  Bumping into P was really enjoyable — and then she saved me.  A came to my rescue — again — and fixed it.  Again.

I actually feel so fortunate for how things happened.

Weight Gain — 2 pounds

Yowza.  Between the salt laden lamb curry for lunch (I ate a teaspoon of rice) and the mexicobb salad for late dinner, I am not surprised I did not lose weight.  I was surprised I gained two pounds.  Sadly, I had been constipated for a couple of days, so the weight is not real.  Also, body fat is still going down.