I have been tagged — for the first time ever — by MadMargaret. I almost feel as though I have been invited to sit at the cool kids’ table.

Five Things in My Bag

1. Moleskine, small — with the pocket stuffed with hipster pda-appropriate old business cards and 3x5s for extra notes.

2. Pen.

3. Video iPod — along with the wireless connector. I used to carry these wonderful Shure earbuds until I lost them on a business trip and they were too expensive to replace knowing I might just lose them again. The little case was so tiny I carried them everywhere. That’s probably why they are no longer mine. My sennheiser headphones live in my briefcase.

4. Makeup — makeup forever’s lip gloss and vincent longo’s lip stain. Just a touch of shine and color helps me feel slightly younger and more glam no matter where I am.

5. Hair clip — a 4 inch, French, crocodile-ish curved barrette that I use to pull my hair back or pin it up. I still cannot believe my hair is below my shoulders since I have wanted to grow it out for years. Soon, I might be able to have an actual hairstyle again.

Five Favorite Things in My Room

1. A copy of Alain de Botton’s Consolations of Philosophy.

2. My Closet. I love playing in my closet. It’s a greatest hits list of great clothing from then and now and it’s fun to experiment with garments to come up with something relatively fresh-looking without having to invest in new stuff. This is important since I am (a) poor and unwilling to buy cheap stuff (aside from Target, which does not count), and (b) losing weight. I test drive outfits all the time by wearing them to lunch or shopping to see what I think before I wear them to work or a meeting. A socialite with whom I worked years ago gave me great advice regarding clothes and I can honestly say all of these years later that she was absolutely right — great classic black skirts and sweaters combined with signature jackets is all you ever need.

3. The Cat. She is almost always in the bedroom on what had been my pillow. I cannot imagine how lonely I would feel if I did not have here coming to yowl at me every couple of hours or to awaken me whenever she feels I should be up.

4. My luggage. I bought a glamorous set of luggage at the Saks outlet a couple of years ago. It’s always half-packed (chargers, set of toiletries, travel jewelry, scarf) so I can just add clothes and few pairs of shoes and be out the door in about 30 minutes. I love seeing it always ready for action.

5. Bed/bedding. I love my sheets. High thread count, of course, but egyptian cotton. It makes all the difference.

Five things you’ve always wanted to do

1. Run my own foundation.

2. Have a child (not necessarily bare a child).

3. Speak French fluently.

4. Move to France.

5. Finance a movie for my brother.

Five Things You’re Currently Into

1. Politics. At this point, I love it more than television. It’s bad. I have considered taking some time to volunteer this summer, assuming I am not destitute.

2. Collecting music. In particular, I collect covers (over 1000 tracks in iTunes, with more than 200 from the Live Lounge) and live performances (over 1000 tracks in iTunes). My newest addition: a Bob Marley concert from 1980 in Milan. I lost a few hundred tracks over a year ago, so I am still rebuilding from my original list. That means I actually had to search again for The Fray’s cover of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. I could lie and say it sucks, but it’s so very good.

3. Extreme navel gazing. I am all about myself, my feelings, my relationship with my ex, my relationship with my friends, my diet, my body, my short-waist. I am my favorite thing. (It was hard for me to not list myself among my favorite things in my room. Had I been in my room, I might have done it.)

4. Tea. This is not really “what I am into” and more “a not-so-secret addiction.” I am always buying and trying new teas and refining my tea making. I travel with tea and I worry when I am outside the US about where I will be able to get a decent cup of tea. It’s hard. I bought a water filtration system for making tea. Seriously, I have problems.

5. Cooking. I never knew I could cook until A and I split up. I never knew I enjoyed it until I made my roasted carrot soup this winter. I love ending an evening with my Santoku knife in my hand chopping up the ingredients for my evening salad. I derive such pleasure from the preparation. Then there is the added satisfaction of sitting down to a meal I love, knowing I made all of it myself.

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