I received a call about 30 minutes ago from the company that may fund my deal asking if I can meet this weekend. I told him I had plans to fly out of town to look at a collection, which is true (and also, according to my mother, should be the excuse I use always), but I might be able to move something around.

I called BP to let him know and he said that he can be here. I confirmed the meeting with the principal.

Then, I made the most important call: my mother.

I told her about the meeting and said, okay, so you know what that means: Wardrobe!

We go through this every time I have something big. I pitched her an outfit I thought was the best. She negged it. I got her to reconsider when she realized I was meeting with Americans. It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon outfit. I think.

I think I am wearing separates, slightly girly — silk sweater, silk chiffon skirt, with great shoes and a fitted blazer. I may switch it to something less girly, but still separates with great shoes.

I will be trying on 52 million things between now and then to find the absolute perfect thing.

I will be the only woman. I will be 15-20 years younger than everyone else. I have to be true to who I am, without being too over the top. It’s all a balance. I think I should not wear a suit. I think I should wear a Saturday-type outfit.

I have done these meetings before. I have dressed for them. I know what I want to convey. I know who I need to be. I am so excited about this opportunity. This is something I have been working on for a very long time and, at the very least, I will know if this particular group will work.