Today, BP, after he finally effing showed, took me to lunch on the lake.  After lunch, drinks, and tea (I had iced yerba mate, which I loved), I had him drive through Tarrytown and Old Enfield to show him where he should live were he to decide to move to town.

As we drove, we spoke about now and the future.  He described what he wanted my future to be — the man, the house, the life.  It was sweet and smart and would be wonderful.  

I described to him, in a bit more detail than ever before, my romantic history.  He finds it fascinating.  I mean really and truly fascinating.  My pre-A type was a very specific type of person.  He thinks A is my new type — a prototype, if you will — but he said, um, someone less prone to depression would be best.  Ya think?  

Speaking of A, he called me to make sure I was recording the NFL draft.  It’s been our tradition for years and I was a little sad we’d not be watching it together.  Instead, he’ll be here while I am in my meetings, but at least I will catch up later and he will enjoy it.

I am surprisingly happy.  Things are still unstable, but BP is committed to making sure that I will be taken care of.  We met to discuss my current needs and our future plans.  He drives me insane, but he is my partner and there are good things pending.

I still need to get my resume in order, but I am taking Q’s and my mother’s advice most seriously: try first to get the new business off the ground first.  I can still send resumes while I build the new thing.  The new thing could run almost completely by itself.  I would need maybe a day a week, plus a staff.

I feel better about everything, which is shocking since I have like $5.

The big meeting tomorrow has turned into the big meetingS.  The second set of financiers are also here.  I had the best outfit picked out, but I realized the jacket I picked had a little moth hole.  Dammit.  Now I need to figure out if I need a new outfit or just a different jacket.

I enjoyed spending the day future hunting.  Tomorrow, we will see if we have made progress.  Fingers crossed.