I had a fascinating discussion with the agent today. He is doing his job and lining up paying work. He’s also negotiating the deals. I am not completely sold on all of it, but things are happening, invoices are being distributed and paid, and solvency may happen by early next week.

It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas with and who is actively pushing me and generating new tangible opportunities.

I do not agree 100% with the rate he has set for me. I think it’s a bit steep (for perspective: my billable rate is among the highest in town). He keeps reminding me, I need to let him do his job and I should do mine.

I have not told my friends what is happening. They want to see me with a regular job and a salary. The agent is supplying some additional opportunities I can still pursue even if I have a job, but frankly, I am not so much looking at this moment. It’s not just the agent . . . it’s this damn project I have been working on forever.