I decided to rearrange the closet a bit to make it more efficient. Some of A’s stuff is still here, but not a whole lot.

I am also sorting some garments to finally head to charity. I know that I said that I have lots of greatest hits, which I do, but I have massive wardrobe purges every year or two. I just have held on to some beautiful stuff knowing that some day (like now!) they might fit again.

I also held on to some special, meaningful pieces. Tonight, I have decided that they need to hit the road, too:

1. Butter-colored tropical wool jacket from Ann Taylor.
It was my first AT suit and “I” bought it in law school (my mother bought it for me, of course). It was part of my go-to dinner suit for cocktail events (yes, in law school) and I wore it successfully as a lawyer. It’s size 8 and it’s still beautiful, so it should be in someone else’s closet.

2. Black double-breasted with gorgeous brass buttons blazer from Brooks Brothers.
The fabric is so heavy and substantial. It’s so classic. I bought it when I was working as a lawyer and I used to wear it with separates and with this wool patterned wrap skirt that had all sorts of horsey stuff on it (Also BB). It’s a size 10 and in perfect shape.

3. Red Silk Suit from Ann Taylor.
Another classic from law school. Another dynamite dinner suit. This is not in as great a shape as the others but a seamstress could swap out the faded buttons and rehem one of the sleeves.

4. Black and white glen plaid belted jacket from Randy Kemper.
The fabric is beautiful, but it’s too big (size 10). I used to wear it over black separates or shift dresses, in addition to the matching pants, which are long ago gone. It has a belt of the same fabric, a covered placket, and is very well-made. I bought it at Off 5th years ago.

I am debating giving up a chocolate brown AT suit (size 4) because it has a little hole in the sleeve. I should just get rid of it, but I am thrilled it fits again. The only other suit I am contemplating keeping is a size 10 AT blue pinstripe pantsuit. It’s ridiculously huge, but I bought it within the past couple of years and it’s my only pantsuit. Since I do not wear pantsuits, I think I can comfortably donate it.

The stuff in perfect shape can go to a clothing charity. Anything in need of slight repair I will send to GoodWill: the stuff is still beautiful and someone could certainly buy them and swap out buttons.