MySpace has been over for a while for most of the general population, but it’s still huge in music.

X, my former dear friend, defriended me at some point late last year or early this year. He has hundreds (if not thousands) of friends, fans, and admirers, so deleting me was a purely personal thing.

I would not have noticed, but he was no longer on my list. Poof. Gone.

Last night, I logged in to check a friend’s upcoming show and noticed one of X’s best friends was online. I thought about it for a while and then shot him a hey, hope you’re great, hope the album and tour are going well message. Warm, but distant. Surprisingly, he replied back. Warm, but distant.

It pains me that there are so many people to whom I was so close who are no longer in my life. X, I can deal with. I loved him. I miss him. I wish we were still friends, since we’d been friends for years. The reason we’re no longer friends is so stupid (and so completely his fault [though I am certain in his head and his crowd, I am the villain]). Still, I know what happened and I can deal with it. It’s hard knowing that his friends are gone from my life, too.

It was nice to hear from X’s friend, of whom I’d been very fond. He’d warned me about X and his warnings were about exactly what happened. He’s smart, he’s been wickedly successful and working on doing it again, and he’s just a super great guy. I am glad he’s well, and I am glad I reached out to him.

If I never speak to X again, I will be perfectly cool with that.