I lost my passport.  It’s gone.  Poof.  

It’s not where I always keep it.  It’s not in my travel wallet.  It’s not in my luggage, briefcase, old briefcase, purse, old purses, carry-ons.  It’s not in the box of important papers or in the safe.  It’s not in the box of less important papers.  It’s not in a box on my dresser.  

I am so freaking screwed.

I have been looking for it for over an hour and I have absolutely no idea where it could be.  I last used it 18 months ago, I think, but it could have been more recently than that.

I have been trying to imagine where it could be.  I know that on my last Canadian journey, I was on an extended trip in the midwest after we crossed the border.  Conceivably, it could be anywhere.  It also could be lost.

I have to send a copy of it as part of a background check this afternoon (oops) and I am traveling to Canada next week.

I am so screwed.