Still no m****f****** passport.

I have touched every sheet of paper in the condo.  I have flipped through every book I have carried in the past two years.

I told BP the situation and he made me tell our client on a conference call on Friday.  Our foreign client.  Our client with whom I am scheduled to meet on Thursday in Canada.

Our client: “Do not ever tell anyone you lost your passport!  What kind of high-powered lawyer are you if you can lose your passport?!!!”  

The humiliations continue.  

Now, I am charged with finding my paperwork and my birth certificate so I can reapply and perhaps get a letter to get me across the border.  (Not completely likely.  I may be stuck in Detroit instead.)  I acquired my passport 8 years ago, so I have no idea in which file box in my file closet the folder is.  I can only assume it’s in a very inaccessible one since I have not opened the file in 8 years.

Also depressing: I look GOOD in my existing passport photo.  I mean, really good.  So, I will be replacing it with a not as good photo.  Dammit.