I spent the weekend looking for my passport and/or birth certificate, watching random movies and all seven episodes of John Adams (I kept wanting to stop, but I could not.  Wow, what a triumph.), and then I spent a few hours with A.

He came over to watch some of the 17 hours of bike racing I have stored on the dvr.  It was much more fun than we’ve had in a long while.  He’s finished with the semester, so he was definitely more relaxed.  We laughed about the fact that we’re not together because we were too accommodating and supportive of each other.  Had we at any point, said, um, that’s a decision you should rethink (or, hey, dumbass, how about you get a job that pays?), we would probably have been much better off and still together.  Alas, we were very willing to let the other do idiotic things because we were supportive.  It was great to see him, and to see him looking more calm and relaxed.

I ate extremely poorly: sunflower seeds, quiche, and butter.  That’s all I ate today.  Well, it’s alright in terms of my “diet” but I usually eat so much better than that, at least in variety.  Or, so I would like to think.

I have massive pms: I am craving everything salty — nuts, butter with salt (don’t judge me), i am constipated, my breasts hurt, my calves are itchy, and last night I had a terrible headache.  Yay!

Still, I lost a couple of pounds, and everything is still moving in the right direction, even with the pms.  Tomorrow, with all the salt, who knows.