I had a a tentative trip scheduled for tomorrow — and I have canceled.

The trip: to see my uncle (who is more like my big brother) perform tomorrow night in New York.  Since it is his New York debut, all of his brothers and sisters are flying in (or driving in, depending on where they live).

The problem: one of the most important meetings of my career is also scheduled for this week. 

Originally, BP and I were flying up together so we could work, hang with the family, catch up with my brother who is just back from his month in Asia, and continue on to our meeting from New York.  He’s not feeling great today, so he is mostly resting.  He offered to fly me up and I pondered it.  For a while.

I have not seen my extended family in about 15 months, so I was really excited.  Plus, I look like myself again instead of the fat girl they saw last Christmas.  Still, the big meeting should happen this week and I have a ton of work to do.

I made the call: I canceled.  

==> BP just called, so I told him the only way the trip made sense is if still we went together so we could keep working.  There’s a 10% chance he may awake in the morning and decide — let’s go!  He kinda loves the idea of getting to meet my family and close family friends.  There is an 11 am flight that gets us in at 4, which gets us there for 8, which is when it starts.  It all depends as how he feels.  I could be semi-packed, but I am not.  I may semi-pack early tomorrow morning, just in case.