Today’s mood: extremely aggravated.  

I had a busy day to begin with.  I am preparing to leave on my trip.  I have tons of work to do.  I am stressed out.  I have pms.

I received a call from a principal on a project I’ve been working on.  It’s something BP and I have been excited about.  We like the people.  We like the project.  I’ve spent hours and hours with them on calls and we are planning to meet with them in California in the next few weeks.

Actually, we were planning to meet with them.

So, the principal called with “good news.” They had just gotten one of their guys onto the board of a company that would facilitate the project.  He asked me to call the guy (“Guy”) in a few hours to discuss the details and what it means.

As directed, I called Guy and talked to him for 68.5 minutes.  He outlined the whole deal and what the changes meant.  As he spoke, I began to realize that this was not news.  This was something that had been in place long before we began working with them.  All of the hours of my very valuable time had been wasted so these guys could gain access to our company.  They did not want to become a client, they wanted to work with our clients.  

They lied to us continuously in order to gain access.  When they finally came clean about their intentions, I just calmly continued to ask benign questions.  Ultimately, I told them it was something we would consider, though I did not think it would fit for us.

I typed 4 pages of notes as we spoke — including hotel recommendations for an upcoming overseas trip — becoming more annoyed as time passed.  Still, I kept it out of my voice and continued on.

When we wrapped, I called BP, who was not immediately available.  In the 30 minutes it took for him to call me back, I started to organize and clean-up my notes and I became more and more annoyed.   By the time I finally spoke to BP, I was aggravated and approaching angry.

After I explained everything that had happened, he wanted to pick up the phone immediately to call his friend who introduced us to them in the first place.  I asked him to refrain until they delivered some docs to me tomorrow.

Then, tomorrow, I will call the principal myself and tell him how I really feel.