Bush’s statements are so outrageous and so beyond the pale in terms of Presidential behavior that it is still absolutely shocking.

Few things in politics are as sacrosanct as the idea that the President does not bring domestic politics outside our borders. It’s that simple. Outside the US, he’s the President of all of us. Inside, fight your stupid “ideological” battles (that really masquerade profiteering by your cronies [your friends in Texas still thank you]). Outside, it’s one America.

The place and the occasion at which he chose to make his appeasement remarks only add to the outrage and offense: the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of the birth of Israel.

My great uncle, an American, was honored by the Knesset for his work as a patriot to help establish the State of Israel. He received the highest honor they bestow on non-Israeli citizens.

It’s something I do not think of often. He died when I was a child, so I knew him, but not as well as I knew my great aunt and his children, who I knew very well.

I just called my brother to say, look, this is going on in the world, and it made me think of our uncle. I also said, I don’t know if you remember, but . . . and he retold me the story. We chuckled a bit at the fact that we are related to this great hero.

I know very well the sacrifice Americans and others made to fight the British to create Israel.

Today, while I am outraged (again) by our President, I am able to look at the 60th anniversary with a certain measure of pride when I think of what my uncle did.


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