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I lost an astounding 3.2 pounds this week. I was excited when I wrote this out by hand and thought I had lost 1.8 pounds. The 3.2 pounds is a bit of an outlier — I’d had two days at 134.0 — but the whole point of a weekly weight loss track is picking one day and sticking with it. So, 3.2 pounds . . . gone. I gained a little over a quarter-pound of body fat, though I’ve steadily been dropping body fat percentages.

I have pms and I am pretty constipated. If my pattern holds, I could be at 128 by my next weekly weigh-in. I won’t be though.

I travel next week. The bloat from air travel alone is about 2 pounds.

Then, throw in a significant break in my eating patterns and it’s going to be a struggle to keep the overall gain under 5 pounds. Most, if not all, of it will be water weight from flying and eating restaurant meal after restaurant meal.

Plus, I will be in another country with lots of wine consumed at each meal. Our host owns restaurants, so I am often not ordering for myself. I once ordered salmon at one of his restaurants that specializes in pasta. I still hear about it years later.

8:30 am: power restored!

A just came over to check on us. He’d been in Clarksville and there were windows blown out, trees down on houses and cars, and telephone poles are down. He said the damage is unreal. He also said I look really skinny and asked if we needed to start pinning my shirts to my skirts to keep them up.

5.8 pounds to go for 125:

@ 2.0/week: June 5.
@ 1.5/week: June 12.
@ 1.0/week: June 26.