I am down to 130.4 today, but my weight will absolutely rise tomorrow.

I got my period this afternoon — while in a meeting. Fortunately, I was at the Four Seasons, which is completely equipped.

I had lunch at Sazon — tacos al pastor — over lettuce with no tortillas or dressing. I had dinner at PF Changs (ugh, but they did not want to wait for 1.5 hours at Hula Hut) — a sparerib and pepper steak with very little sauce. I skipped the cake and I did not even eat my fortune cookie. Neither of them were tempting, though I did open the cookie just to see what it said. No rice, of course.

The salt alone should push me up a couple of pounds tomorrow, but maybe I can drop them fast. I’d still like to hit 129 before I head out of the country on Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s possible.

Had we gone to Hula Hut, I would have had one of my lower carb margs on the rocks. Since we did not, I drank club soda.

I noticed two things today. First, I looked really fat at the Four Seasons. I know I could not have, objectively, because I was wearing a size 4 pencil skirt that had already gotten complete BP approval a couple of hours earlier over lunch. Still, every time I looked in the mirrors, I thought, wow, I cannot believe I look so fat. I was doing so well. Second, my legs are definitely slimmer. In fact, I actually thought my legs looked . . . good.

Hormones are awesome.