In the past 3 days, I have gained 2.2 pounds.  

I ate on plan the entire time.  I ate more calories than normal (restaurant food) and more salt (restaurant food), but I ate spinach, peppers, and a bit of salsa for carbs.  That’s it.

It’s not period-related water weight since my period is tapering off.

It’s not the number on the scale that’s bothering me, it’s that I feel fat.  I feel bloated and awful.  My thighs feel enormous.  I’m not quite sobbing “no one will ever love me because I am such a fat cow,” but I feel like crap.

==>  Okay, hours have passed and I am feeling better.  I hate being bloated and I cannot believe I am still retaining water this far into my period.  

And for the record, I am not fat.  More importantly, I know I am not fat.