Tomorrow would have been another anniversary of my first date with A. We were together for years and it’s the only date we could ever agree on to celebrate.  Since we broke up last summer, some things have stayed the same:  I still love him. He still loves me. We’re still best friends.

In order to mark the occasion appropriately, I have decided to make a list of all of the things I love about being single. This is the longest I’ve ever been single. I am not dating. I am not chatting up men I would consider dating. I am just enjoying being alone. I am embracing being alone.

So far, this is my list:

Both nightstands are mine, all mine, baby.
Sleeping in the middle of the bed.
Never having to hear an alarm clock.
Watching whatever I want on tv, whenever I want to watch it.
Going to bed when I want.
Not having to wear a sleep mask if he’s still reading when I want to go to sleep.
Stealing all the blankets.
Not having to share anything.  Ever.
Keeping the thermostat as warm as I like.
Not cleaning the kitchen every night if I don’t feel like it.
Being alone.

The biggest thing I love about being single is that I see a world filled with opportunity.  I wonder where I will be in a year.  I wonder what my life will be.  I wonder who I might date.  I wonder if I will fall in love.  

Though I miss A and our relationship, I am genuinely excited about the future.