There are exciting things about working with people and companies outside the US — business travel feels cosmopolitan when accompanied by a passport and a custom’s agent speaking to you in another language.  Since I love fashion, I love seeing what people wear on the street.  The cultural norms are different — everyone clears out of the office early and dinners take hours with bottle after bottle of wine.

There are also things that suck — enormous cell phone bills, changing currency, and having to work though everyone else in the US is off for a big 3 (or 4) day weekend.

Our big meeting is on Monday, so I am traveling on Sunday plus I have meetings on Sunday.  I have a ton of work to finish before I go (so we can discuss my work in the meetings).

Were I smart, I would be finalizing the contracts and proposal instead of whinily typing about them.  Sadly, I am not that smart.