I am in my hotel room, after a ridiculously long day.  It’s 11 pm here and I was up at 4:15 am to get ready to fly.

I am mentally exhausted, completely stuffed, and extremely excited.  My head is spinning a bit after an unbelievable dinner where we discussed absolutely no business.  We had at least 8 courses (I am counting, but I am not certain I am remembering it all accurately) and 2 bottles of wine among 4 people.

Strangely, I do not feel tipsy in the least . . . possibly because I had EIGHT COURSES for dinner.

I mostly stuck to the plan — some of the cheese was encased in a single layer of phyllo, I think.  I had a teeny bit of honey that had been mixed into the yogurt I had at the end of the meal.  I think that means I still did great diet-wise, though the volume of food consumed was shocking.

The whole thing was insane.  It was fabulous, and I am very, very happy.

Some quick notes:

1.  BP and I are in adjoining suites, so we had them unlock the doors.  Quelle scandale!

2.  BP not only picked my outfit (“you look hot in that”), he also pressed it, discovered an ancient coffee stain on it, and cleaned it himself.  Also, he decided on the hairstyle (pulled back in a low pony with my wide french clip).  He says it makes me look younger and wanted to know why I never wear my hair back.  I told him I did not think I had the face for it, but he told me I am certainly pretty enough to pull it off.  I felt confident with it back for the first time.

3.  Smashbox’s Photofinish is the greatest makeup primer ever.  I found an ancient sample of it in my makeup drawer this morning, so I tossed it in the bag.  I decided to use it tonight and I am astounded at how wonderful it felt and how great it helped my skin to look.  I cannot wait to buy it.

4.  The chairman’s son is distractingly, devastatingly handsome.  I mean, omg.  Mid 20s, but omg he’s just gorgeous.  The features and bone structure of a greek statue.  The chairman is very handsome himself, but the son . . . damn.  Like he’s so handsome I would be tempted to behave stupidly in his presence.  I won’t because I am grown, but omg the guy is unbelievable looking.  Plus, he’s cool, smart, interesting, rich.  I just wanted to sit and stare at him.  Forever. 

5.  I look good.  I mean, I look really good.  I feel prettier than I have in a while.  My body looks good, though I know I am bloated already from being on the road.  It was fun to play dress-up for BP and to get his approval (or rejection) of different outfits.  He’s merciless, which is exactly what I need.  Since he’s actually in charge on this deal, he gets to pick the clothes, the hair, the accessories.

6.  Driving into the city tonight, I said, without thinking, wow, we’re home.  It feels like home.  I love this city.  I love the people we deal with here.  I love the restaurants and ridiculous meals.  I love the people watching.  I love the fashion.  I am looking forward to living here for a few months.  I have always known I would live here, though I fought it — the idea of it — for a while.  It’s easier now that I am single.  I’d love to get a 2 br apartment somewhere downtown and invite friends and family up to visit.  I hope they will love it as much as I do.

7.  BP has picked out two potential husbands for me.  One, an executive for a large company based in Texas: handsome, smart, blah, blah, blah.  A younger BP.  The other, an artist who actually makes money as an artist.  Also handsome and smart, and BP said, “much in demand.”  Guess which one appeals to me the most?

8.  I should be asleep.  Tomorrow is one of the most important days of my entire career.