I am a planner by nature and by career.

Once I plan something (and test it) and get buy-in from my partner, client, institution, funding sources, blah blah blah, then we negotiate.

We are in the negotiation stage on something we’ve worked on for a while. I do not mind negotiating — I am a lawyer, after all. BP, my partner who drives me effing crazy, loves to negotiate. He is rich, he does not need more money, so he can just decide “fuck this, we’re done” and walk at any time. Negotiating with him is such a horrific experience, I actually pulled a project from him and got it funded elsewhere so I did not have to deal with his bs. You cannot negotiate with someone who is truly willing to walk. There is no negotiation.

In this negotiation stage, BP has decided, and I fully concur, that we will drop a piece of the project if they refuse to capitulate to what we want. We were wiling to work with them for a win-win and put an extremely generous offer together. They are throwing up roadblocks and objections and testing our patience. In fact, we both believe that we are stronger if we do not move forward with them. They have not yet realized this. They have not yet realized we do not need them and the more conditions they add to our agreement in principle, the more likely we are to walk.

While we await a response from the company and the lawyers (delayed already by 4 hours), we have crafted four new plans. Amusingly, concluding the deal we have on the table is no longer plan A.

Now, I have to plan for the alternate plans, figure out any strategic or tactical elements I am missing, and then frame everything out for Plans A, B, C, and D.