BP flew back into town tonight. He and his assistant picked me up for a very late dinner so we could discuss an important agreement I had structured without him.

He was cranky as hell to begin with. He was clearly tired and ill. I suggested a national chain restaurant I know he likes. He changed his mind when we were halfway there to go somewhere “local.” Except he hates local and unknown. He likes what he likes. He’s a creature of habit.

With great trepidation, we indulged him and drove to a great restaurant he’d heard of on South Congress. The problem: the kitchen was closed. I took him to Guero’s, a famous taco joint, a beloved institution. He hated it. He hated everything about it. (It was fine, not great. Serviceable.)

He began reviewing what I drafted and hated everything. Then he was mean to me. “Oh, so you’re a lawyer now?” when I defended why I put a certain provision in. It was fucking endless. He was so fucking mean. It made me sad. Then it made me angry. For the most part, I demonstrated submission — tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Toward the end, I just allowed a moment of anger to flash across my face to let him know he was going way to fucking far. (Effing BP. Never before has the phrase “fucking fuckhead” been such a perfect representation of someone.)

By the end, I think we may have gotten somewhere. The documents were perfect. The cover letter needed an additional paragraph. The abuse was just my bonus.

If he acted this way more than once every few months, I would have quit long ago. It almost never happens. I know he’s fucked up about something that has nothing to do with me. He was agitated following a phone call, so I just tried to keep out of the line of fire as much as possible.

Since I got home, I revised the letter, called him, and I think we’re fine to send it in the morning. My anger dissipated. My hurt is still there, but again, I know he was lashing out because he was tired, cranky, and angry at someone else. He is not excused, but I do understand.

Now, I am tired and going to sleep so I can get up early and revise the letter again.