I bumped into M last night, while I was out with BP and one of BP’s friends.  (They were discussing business and I was along for the ride.)

M came in with a couple of friends, who are acquaintances of mine.  M and BP began speaking intently leaving me with the acquaintances.  One of them is seriously stunning.  Very tall, handsome, great body.  He’s quite a lady’s man.  The other guy is chatting with me. Though I’d much rather be in M and BP’s conversation, I speak to them for a few minutes.

As they go to leave, I hug the one I’ve been speaking to (who I know better) and extend my hand to Mr. Stunning.  He pulls me into a hug.  Now, I wear makeup and I am short, so I always hug people around the shoulders and usually from a distance.  He pulled me very close against him, whispered something to me, and then kissed my neck.


Seriously, I don’t know you, so don’t kiss me.

I don’t like being touched by strangers.  I don’t like having strangers press themselves against me.  I really don’t like feeling a stranger’s lips on my neck.  It’s not that complicated.

My closest friends and I kiss each other on the cheek.  When I am traveling, I have come to grips with the fact that I will be kissed by business associates on the cheek.

But, I don’t care how objectively hot you are, Mr. Stunning, if you do not know me, do not kiss me.  It’s just creepy.