My mother just called and lectured me about not getting involved with BP: “He’s a cad, a playboy.  He might be a very loyal friend, but he is very disloyal in other ways.”

I asked where this was all coming from and she said that no man would sit at a salon for hours with a woman he was not interested in.  She also threatened to fly here to put a stop to it.

She thinks he likes me; she thinks I like him.  She is right, though I did not tell her that.

She was very explicit that I “deserve more” than he would give me.

I did tell her that whatever her fantasy relationship for me — that’s not happening.  There are very few people in the world I would even consider dating, and who knows if they would consider me. My relationship with A was as close as she would get to having a “normal” relationship for me.  There will be no white picket fence and passel of children and a man who comes home at a certain time every day.  My life has never been like that and I cannot see how that would change now.

Any relationship with BP would be complicated by a lot of things — we have a business relationship, he is older than me, he is a playboy, he is technically married (although they really are not involved — in fact, he’s leaving the city he is in now on the day she arrives with their daughter), he has children I actually know (and one I represent).

I do genuinely like him, but I understand her point.  It’s the same point that we’ve been making to each other — any relationship between us would be impossible.  It would never work.