I just walked in the door 15 minutes ago.  It’s 2:45 am.

BP and his executive assistant (EA) just dropped me off after an extremely long day.  We drove (well, they drove) 3.5 hours each way for a meeting that turned into a meeting, cocktails, a great dinner, dessert.  The drive sucked on the way down.  BP and EA were both in horrible moods when they arrived.  Plus, it was raining.

Not fun stuff.  We worked a bit in the car, but it was mostly just bad mojo and everyone was cranky.

Fortunately, the meeting was great.  Our budget is restored.  We’re in great shape.  Dinner was awesome and we ended up spending 4+ hours together and I previewed our next two deals.  Yay!

The drive back was a blast.  I played DJ and BP sang the entire way.  It is times like that when I remember why he is so dear to me.  He’s incredibly entertaining and the hours flew by.  Now, I just have to hope I can fall asleep at some point.