Usually, I dread the ending of a business trip with BP.   This trip, I cannot wait for it to end.

BP Junior arrived yesterday and the whole dynamic is off.  BP and Junior are sitting 25 feet away from me discussing Junior’s business concept, which BP is underwriting.  If he were anyone else in the world, I would be sitting with them, but he wants private time with his dad, so I sat all the way over here without being asked.  We looked at office space for Junior and he couldn’t even be bothered to speak to the people or sit in the conference room as we discussed rates.  It was actually shocking.  I asked BP if we should get a copy of the paperwork for Junior and he said, kind of disappointed, that Junior does not need to know this stuff.

Junior is something else.  In his heart, he’s a good kid, but he’s spoiled and he’s rich so there are zero consequences for everything he does.  BP was also a rich spoiled kid, but he was also incredibly ambitious with a refined and nuanced understanding of people.  Junior, sadly, had the ambition but lacks the nuance.  It’s all very odd.

Plus, the dynamic between me and Junior is odd.  I am closer in age to him than to BP, but he views me as somehow lesser.  It’s not that I have a relationship with BP, it’s just that I am somehow perhaps seen by Junior as more of a functionary than a partner.  He’s wrong, of course, but that’s how he treats me.  He sees me as his dad’s lawyer, so I am relatively insignificant.  Silly, silly boy.

I fly home tomorrow, alone, while they stay an extra day.  I cannot wait.