After spending all last evening missing BP and lamenting how long it would be until I got to see him again, I received a pleasant surprise when he called to say he was in town.

BP is supposed to be 1500 miles away meeting with a client, but he came here to take care of something and wanted me to look at some paperwork while he got his car detailed nearby. He is fastidious to a fault, so that’s actually not so weird.  For him.  (He refuses to drive around in the car he keeps in town unless it’s detailed.  You would think his EA would handle that for him so it would be prepared when he returned, but I digress.)

He gave me 15 minutes to get ready so I pulled myself together, whipped my hair into shape, and headed downstairs to meet him.

As always, he was on a call when I got to the car, so I slid my things in while he wrapped up.  He grabbed my hand as he put the phone down and asked how I was.  We have lately been holding hands in the car, but my hand is injured and bandaged so that did not happen.

At the car place I have been with him many, many times, we reviewed documents that we could have discussed on the phone.  Seriously, they were docs I had sent him earlier in the day.  Then, despite the fact he was pressed for time, he decided he should take me to a late lunch at our favorite restaurant.  We ate relatively quickly, barely lingering, at a place we have spent many, many hours.  As usual, he touched me frequently on the arm and on the hand and he “fixed” my hair at the table so it would look how he likes it (even asking for my comb to do the job).  I choose to find that charming.

As he dropped me off, he got out to open the trunk for my briefcase.  I kissed him on the cheek, as I do to all my male friends, and he hugged and kissed me.  I floated upstairs and I called him as he left to let him know how wonderful it felt to see him.

He’s actually adorable and I am trying so hard to not be crazy about him.  I hate that not seeing him for two days put me in a slight funk and then seeing him made me giddy.  I hate being away from him.

At times, I have been afraid that I was being too forward or too overt or too whatever.  Yes, he likes to make the moves and he likes to be in control.  Today showed me that he does really like me and he likes that I am who I am.  I knew that, of course, but it’s been so intense and so fast that it’s hard to keep grounded about it.  He’s been pursuing me ardently, though it makes our lives more difficult.  We’re very close friends, we’re business partners, and in some things, he’s my boss and, in others, I am his.

I love that he came here to see me for absolutely no reason except that he wanted to see me.  I love that he came here to kiss me.  I love that he wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him.  I love that we are taking things as slowly as we can.