I have spent the Summer traveling and eating most of my meals in restaurants and drinking wine and going on dates.  I was surprised, therefore, that, as of this morning, I am officially below my weight loss goal.

I have not been what I consider fat for more than 4 months.  In general, I am really happy with my body.  I love how I look in clothes and out.  I am not thrilled by how I look in photographs because I always think I photograph fat.  I am trying to get over that because I know it’s a body image thing and not a real thing.

I have not been dieting since I hit 128 at the beginning of June.  That is a bit of a lie, though.  Technically, I have not been focused on actively losing weight.  Still, I am compulsive about watching what I eat and weighing myself (and recording it) every day I am in town.

I am in full-on maintenance mode, which for me means I eat as I wish.  I know that is most irritating thing for a (now) thin person to say.  I do eat exactly what I want, but what I want is very different than before.

The reality is that I still eat a low carb diet, carefully monitoring what I eat . . . for the most part.  At times, I have eaten a roll or bread.  I had white chocolate bread pudding for my birthday.  BP and I have shared a few lemon tarts or key lime pies.  I drink a glass of wine (or two) with most dinners out.  I have had many days when I have eaten 5 meals a day in restaurants.  Really.

I enjoy my food.  I eat carefully.  I exercise portion control, although I have been known to put away more than a half pound of pork ribs on my own (like 2 days ago), but I am incapable of eating an entire ribeye or anything larger than a petite filet.

I just pick everything carefully.  I do not feel compelled to eat anything in particular.  Before, I loved sugary stuff.  I had a weakness for cookies, cake, ice cream, chocolate.  Now, eh.  I can eat a cookie without wanting to consume the whole bag.  But, I almost never want to eat a cookie, even when they are completely available.

The two biggest shifts for me on maintenance have been adding back in alcohol and consuming kefir and greek yogurt.  With alcohol, I am just sticking to wine and champagne, with the occasional lowest carb I can stand margarita (lime juice cointreau tequila on the rocks).  Drinking spirits would be lower in carb, but I enjoy drinking wine and champagne.  I now have kefir or greek yogurt with cinnamon as an evening snack.  I sometimes make a mini cranberry or blueberry smoothie for a dessert, if I am home.

I am going to lose a couple of more pounds.  BP is not happy that I have dropped 4 pounds already from what he thinks is my best weight.  BP can mind his own business.  Because of the traveling and eating out and hormonal fluctuations, I want to fluctuate up to “my best weight” rather than fluctuate to a weight at which I am not as happy.

I am not going to push myself to lose weight, but I know that if I continue to maintain and eat the way I should, I will lose those last two pounds or so.